New Caney Detailing Services

Motorcycle Detailing

The professional detailers at Black-Tie Auto Detailing are pleased to provide exceptional motorcycle detailing services. We serve motorcycles of all ages and makes and offer a wide range of detailing services to retain your motorcycle’s appearance and condition.

Car Detailing Services

We offer high-quality services for our customers who want the best when it comes to car detailing packages. Our interior car cleaning packages will return your car to its original and beautiful clean state.

Auto Ceramic Coating

Want extra protection for your vehicle’s paintwork? Black-Tie Auto Detailing are the experts in car ceramic coating and finishing. We give your car that shine and ceramic coating protection that’ll last up to 7 years versus a few month like a wax or sealant. With our ceramic coatings, there's no need to spend hours waxing you vehicle for the life of the ceramic coating. We combine expert workmanship with the very best ceramic coating products that will get you the best protection along with glossy, long-lasting, quality results. Our ceramic coatings come with a registered warranty with your vehicle's #, and all our services are reported to CarFax, and this allows your vehicle's resale or trade in value to put more money back in your pocket! We are trained and certified ceramic coating installers and we are fully insured giving you piece of mind that you're in great hands with us!

Detailing Service

When it comes to your vehicle, you only want to work with the best—no matter what the situation might be. When you need to clean your vehicle and all its vital components, why not work with the finest in the region?

Auto Detailing

After one visit at Black-Tie Auto Detailing, your car will look factory-fresh and showroom ready! Our auto detailing services are second to none. We’ll flawlessly execute a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finish on your vehicle inside and out.

Auto Polishing

Say goodbye to water spots, swirls, and scratches on your car’s exterior! The auto detailing experts at Black-Tie Auto Detailing employ time-tested and proven techniques to uncover your vehicle’s stunning cosmetics, that you thought had disappeared for good.

RV Detailing

Maintain your RV’s condition and appearance with the expert detailers at Black-Tie Auto Detailing. Our team possesses the experience and resources to perform a full range of RV services, catered specifically to your vehicle.